Market Safety during COVID-19

Market Safety during COVID-19

We are continuing safety measures so that everyone in our community is safe to connect with fresh, locally produced products at the Mineral Point Market.

Here are the measures we are currently taking to ensure your safety while shopping MPM during COVID-19:

  • Sampling of products has been discontinued.
  • Additional space has been added between vendors to help ensure social distancing.
  • All vendors are sanitizing their hands frequently.
  • Vendors will vend only if feeling healthy and well.
  • Many of our vendors are offering the option to pre-order for pick-up at the market. If you don’t feel comfortable shopping the market in person, you can pre-order from these vendors. Check the NEWS PAGE for vendor-specific pre-ordering information.

How you can help:

  • Come to the market in good health.
  • Feel free to wear a mask if you wish.
  • Regulate your own social distancing.

Remember that our MPM vendors provide you with:

  • locally grown meats and fresh produce rich with vitamins and nutrients essential to maintain a healthy immune system
  • a low-risk, open-air environment while shopping for essentials
  • food that is directly traveling from the farm, handled at a much lower rate than in the commercial system of distribution

Things you can do this season!

  • Choose and bag your own produce
  • Enjoy a snack at the market (coffee and scone, anyone?)
  • Bring your own reusable bags