Magic Light Photography


Michael J. Smith

Maple Syrup, Raw Honey, and Eggs

When I started coming to the market, my main focus was on sharing my nature and wildlife photography. Over the last few years, that has shifted and I no longer do much photography. I most likely won’t be bringing my photos or photo cards to the market anymore, but my cards are still available at Sullivan’s in Mineral Point.

With our move to a small farm in 2021, my interests have shifted from photography to making maple syrup, keeping bees, raising chickens and ducks, and enjoying country living! This change has resulted in a much different variety of products that I will be bringing to the the market. Instead of photos, I will have homemade maple syrup, raw honey, and pastured chicken eggs and duck eggs when available.

I love participating in the Mineral Point Market because it gives me an opportunity to share what I love to do with others. Meeting new people from all walks of life and sharing my work and products at the market has been a great experience for me.

Phone: 608-482-1396