Tippy Top Organic Orchard

Dodgeville, WI

Mike Manogue

“You can travel the world over and you’ll never taste a better pear.”

Meet Mike Manogue, aka “Mr. Tippy Top.”

It was 22 years ago when Mike started his dream of having a fruit orchard. He has planted and nurtured each one of the over 350 pear and apple trees, including numerous varieties that you won’t typically find locally such as D’Anjou and Asian pears and the Mutsu apple.

Tippy Top’s fruit is grown organically (non-certified). The fruits don’t look as “perfect” as the ones you’d see at the produce section of your local grocery store, but looks are deceiving. Mike’s fruit is extremely flavorful and juicy. It is not uncommon to hear loud exclamations at the market once they have a bite of Tippy Top Orchard fruit!

Besides taking care of the orchard, Mike also grows a lot of vegetables, herbs, and berries.

Tippy Top Organic Orchard
5792 Mill Rd.
Mineral Point, WI 53533

Phone: 608-583-2612