Counting down to Market!

Hello MP Market Goers!

Market Begins Saturday, May 2nd!

Spring has come to Southwest Wisconsin and the Earth is providing us with its bounty. Public health officials have deemed farmers markets essential and we are 100% committed to growing for you this season!

As the market remains open, know that we are doing our best to keep you healthy and safe.
We’re in this together!

Here are the steps we will be taking to ensure your safety while shopping at the market:

  • All sampling and onsite dining will be eliminated
  • “non-essential” vendors will not be vending until the safer at home ordinance is lifted
  • additional space will be made between vendors to help ensure social distancing
  • market vendors will have 2 staff members; one for the bagging of items the other for the collection of payment.
  • vendors will wears masks and gloves
  • vendors will be sanitizing both their hands and tables frequently
  • many of our vendors will also be offering pre-order for pickup at market so if you don’t feel comfortable shopping the market all you’ll have to do is pre-order than the vendor will deliver your product to your vehicle when you arrive at market

How you can help:

  • Come to market in good health or pre-order for pickup
  • wear a mask and gloves if you are able
  • allow the vendors to select and bag your purchases
  • regulate your own social distancing

Remember the vendors of the Mineral Point Market provide you with:

  • locally grown meats and fresh produce rich with vitamins & nutrients essential to maintain a healthy immune system
  • a low risk, open air environment while shopping for essentials
  • food that is directly traveling from the farm which is handled at a much lower rate than in the commercial system of distribution
Please help spread the word that the Mineral Point Market’s opening day is Saturday, May 2nd!
Encourage your friends, neighbors, and family to 
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Watch for our newsletter next week highlighting which vendors will be at market and instructions for those vendors offering pre-order for pickup at market.

Hope you are all safe and healthy and that we’ll see you at market soon!

Kathy Bures
Mineral Point Market